Tean’s Gourmet - Bringing authentic Malaysian flavours to your kitchen.

Bringing Malaysian cuisine into your home has never been easier. Tean’s Gourmet is a Mayalsian cooking specialist, with a wide range of quality, easy-to-use cooking pastes, sauces and spices.

The Tean’s brand makes curry pastes, including Laksa and Rendang, chilli sauces and condiments, and even spice rubs. Their commitment to quality and credibility means all their products deliver strong, vibrant, and most importantly authentic Malaysian flavours.

This high level of quality and authenticity has made Tean’s popular with Malaysian consumers worldwide, who crave the flavours of home. It’s also why AsianMart have chosen to stock a range of tasty Tean’s Gourmet products.

Simmer chicken in laksa sauce, make a spicy beef Rendang, whip up a tangy Tom Yum soup - when you’re craving Malaysian flavours, Tean’s can help.

Take a look at the tasty Tean’s Gourmet range now.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)