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AYAM Food Celebrates 125 Years

 By Asian Mart  20 November 2017  No comments

Celebrating 125 Years of Business and great food!

When a company is alive and thriving for over 100 years, you can be sure they’re doing something right. AYAM™ is just such a company. Beloved for its rich, creamy coconut milk, tasty curries, sauces, fish and desserts, AYAM™ has just celebrated its 125 birthday.

Why The World Loves Rice.

 By Asian Mart  2 August 2015  No comments

The Mandarin word for rice is the same as the word for food. In Thailand, people call their families to dinner by saying 'eat rice'. The Japanese word for cooked rice is the same as the word for meal. In other words: rice is a big deal.