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AYAM Food Celebrates 125 Years

 By Asian Mart  20 November 2017  No comments

Celebrating 125 Years of Business and great food!

When a company is alive and thriving for over 100 years, you can be sure they’re doing something right. AYAM™ is just such a company. Beloved for its rich, creamy coconut milk, tasty curries, sauces, fish and desserts, AYAM™ has just celebrated its 125 birthday.

The Coconut Water Question

 By AsianMart  30 August 2015  No comments

If you’re lucky enough to have travelled to tropical Asia, or to the Pacific Islands, you may have tried coconut water at its source. All it takes is a green, orange or yellow fleshy coconut and someone handy with a machete, and you have access to one of the most delicious natural drinks on earth.

The Sriracha sensation – How Hot Sauce Went Viral

 By AsianMart  16 August 2015  No comments

If you haven't heard of Sriracha, you mustn't spend much time on the internet (good for you!). The unassuming hot sauce in the red and green bottle has become an unlikely internet sensation, taking bacon's spot on the hipster foods ranking.

Why The World Loves Rice.

 By Asian Mart  2 August 2015  No comments

The Mandarin word for rice is the same as the word for food. In Thailand, people call their families to dinner by saying 'eat rice'. The Japanese word for cooked rice is the same as the word for meal. In other words: rice is a big deal.